Speed Limitation?


Hey, is there a speed limitation on Dreamhost shared Servers?
I can only up and download with 100kb/s… Did i do something wrong or is it just so slow?


I grabbed a 1 meg file through SFTP and it came down at over 300kB/s, which is my local connection’s max speed.

So, no, I don’t think there’s a speed limit.



FTP Upload:
Transferred: 10343-13.jpg 1.24 MB in 3.33 seconds (382.9 KB/s)

FTP Download
Transferred: 10343-13.jpg 1.24 MB in 1.92 second (663.1 KB/s)

Tested from a dedicated server on 100mbit line in Houston.


okay, i tested it with a 100mbit root server in stuttgard/germany and got only 97-103kb/s


What method are you using to download your file? If it’s on your site, give us the URL so we can give it a try.



http direct download and FTP, everytime araound 100kb/s

i’ll post a link later


I don’t think there’s any speed limits but there must be some connection issues. Personally there are a few times of the day when speeds are good for me (300kb/s, which is the most my dsl connection can do) but most of the time I get between 20 and 70 kb/s on both ftp and http downloads. I haven’t had good speeds at all times of the day for weeks.

I live in Europe too but that should be no excuse for these poor speeds, I download at 300kb/s from most other north american servers.

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