Speed issues

Hello there,

I am not wholly certain that this is the right forum to pose this question, but it doesn’t seem an unreasonable place to do so at any rate.

I briefly searched for threads about speed problems, but most people seemed to complain of fluctuating speeds or speeds dropping gradually over time, whereas my low speed appears to be a more constant. (In as far as I can tell.)

I was wondering if it is normal for there to be huge discrepancies in speed between users. I have been with DreamHost for a little over a year now, and whilst I am more than satisfied with the level of service as well as the bandwidth and space offered me, I am afraid that I cannot say the same of the speed that I have been getting.

For downloading from my websites, 50 kB/s seems to have roughly been the upper limit all throughout the past year. (Not only for me, but for another friend of mine in the Netherlands as well, and I had someone in the US try it, with similar results.) Well, I’m not 100% sure it was low all year long, but at least it was shortly after I opened the account a year ago, it is now and it was at more than one moment in between those two points in time.

When using the FTP of a friend of mine who uses DreamHost as well (and has the same hosting plan I have) I was shocked to find that I could easily get 300-400 kB/s from her. This has been possible for at least a few weeks.

Comparing the traceroutes, I find no difference in hops (14) and the only relevant difference I can see is that my account is on jalapa, and hers is on patton.

Am I simply unlucky to have been placed on the wrong server? And should I then cancel my account and open a new one in hopes of getting lucky? Or is patton an old server which was filled in earlier days and am I as a relatively new user of DreamHost condemned to these slow speeds?

Much as I love DreamHost for aforementioned reasons, I was not planning on renewing my 2-year subscription when it would end in 11 months time. But seeing the speed my friend gets, and verifying that she uses the same hosting plan, it seems to me that my low speed is not normal and that there should be some way to deal with the problem.

Any thoughts/help/tips would be very much appreciated. I thank those who reply very much in advance for their time and effort.

Have you sent a ticket to DH? It seems the only way to solve the problem. It could be because some other people use too much bandwidth in the same server. I think at least DH will move you to another better server.

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Speed is a huge problem for me as well. I simply cannot have my business run at the 35kbs download speeds that I am getting.

It has been suggested that I have my webiste moved to another server in the network, and I am curious to know if any others among you have done that and whether it makes any significant difference.

The curious thing is that I can upload to my website much more quickly than I can download from it.