Speed Guarantee


is there such a thing in DH?
there is no point giving u 1TB/month with 10kbps

btw… when it says GB and TB, does that really mean byte?


fastest speed download is 800-850kB/s

I dunno if someone can dl faster than this…

it using B not b
so it means Byte



As far as I know, DreamHost does not provide an actual ‘speed guarantee’.

However, in my time with DreamHost I have never had a speed problem with my sites. Tranferring files between hosts using FXP has always been fast for me (approx 3-5Mb/s) and uploading/downloading from my home system always saturates my (abeit slowish) DSL connection.


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There is no such thing as a “speed guarantee”, and I don’t see how there possibly could be. DreamHost has nice fat pipes that connect to the internet backbone, but beyond that they have absolutely no control over the speed of the internet.

GB and TB are gigabyte and terabyte respectively. When they refer to 1 TB transfer, I assume they mean 1 terabyte because the plan comparison page (AL) says that they have “octupled” monthly bandwidth from 120 GB to 1 TB. Since 120 gigabytes x 8 is 1 terabyte (actually 0.9375 terabytes), that seems to work out.

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no speed guarantee, but I have found speeds to be plenty fast enough.

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I too have found the speeds more than adequate. Versus my previous host my pages load much quicker and FTP transfers are also far quicker.