Speed, downtime, etc

I’m a big, loyal dreamhost user. I only make this complaint because I want so badly to never leave Dreamhost.

My site experiences frequent slow downs and downtimes. They usually only last a few minutes, but they happen far too often. For instance, just a few moments ago, I got a “Connection Refused” when trying to acces my site.

My site is used by a relatively small group of people, and is not mission critical. But when they start emailing me alternative hosting solutions to deal with the speed and downtime, I have to become a little curious.

Do other people have their sites become inaccessible several times a day?

Just a comment based on your username, jdenmark. Are you in Denmark? So am I. I’m hosting a few .dk sites with DH without any problems. Any outages could possibly be Internet routing related, not hosting related, but that’s just a theory.

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