Specific Outlook 2003 reply from webmail email error

This is a head scratcher. We have a VPS through Dreamhost and have been using it for email for months and it has been fine for the most part. Most of our employees use Outlook 2003 and it works great for sending and receiving. But recently a couple of our employees have started using the webmail interface instead of Outlook and now we have a problem. Basically it boils down to any email sent FROM webmail to anyone on our system using Outlook 2003 will freeze up and close their Outlook as soon as they click to reply to the email. You can open and read the email just fine but as soon as you click reply it freezes up Outlook and closes. I’ve confirmed this problem on multiple computers at multiple locations all running the same Outlook 2003 version. Any other version of Outlook appears to be fine. I’ve also tested it with a couple different domains we have on the VPS and all emails originating from the Dreamhost webmail will cause Outlook 2003 users to lockup and close. So any idea what’s going on here? I’d really like to get this resolved.
Well I figured it out. In Tools>Options>Format. I clicked on “Fonts” and then at the bottom told it to use the last option which is “Always use my own font”. There must be a weird font the webmail system calls for which isn’t loaded at any of our locations. Weird.