Specifi url redirect


Hi there,

We have a network of sites with an old link to an url that doesn’t exist anymore. We would like to redirect all the traffic to this url to the new website, while we correct the old link in all the network sites.

Since we are a student organization, I cannot be sure that who will come after me will have the same technological knowledge as me, so I don’t want to code the redirect in the .htaccess.

Instead I was wandering if there was another way to do this using the dreamhost control panel.

Until now though, I didn’t find the way to do a redirect for a single url, but just for a whole domain.

Any suggestions?



Can you just make a simple javascript or php redirect on the old page, or do you not have access to it anymore?


Yes, but as I wrote in the topic, i would like to create something with easy, with a user interface so I can be sure the who will come after me will notice it and will be able to shut it down when it will not be needed anymore.

I can’t be sure my successor will be able to read and edit a .htaccess.

Of course, if DH doesn’t offer this possibility i’ll just code it up and go with it.


I’m not talking about editing any .htaccess. I mean either placing a javascript into the .html file the link is pointing to, like this:


Or putting a php redirect if it’s a .php file, like this:

header(“Location: http://google.com”); /* Redirect browser */

/* Make sure that code below does not get executed when we redirect. */

Not much technological prowess to edit that.

But aside from that, I don’t personally know of any DreamHost Panel capability to do this to a single page.


Ok, it can be a better solution than editing htaccess.

I have one doubt though, the old folder doens’t exist anymore, and now the site runs on joomla. Can I just create a made up folder with the same path to put the redirect? will it not create any problem to joomla 1.5?