"Special" DH Promos


DreamHost Voucher on ebay. Hurry, only 10 left. :slight_smile:

Where Would Jesus Host?

Where would socialists host?

What would Google click often?


Interesting use of a DH Promo code that. I wonder if that would violate the usage policy on promo codes.

Web Hosting Reviews | Shonky’s Blog


I wonder what he’ll do when he runs out of ‘vouchers’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, eBay is rapidly becoming a haven for scammers and con-artists.


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I generally don’t trust anonymous posters.

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Yes… that and fake web-hosting review web sites.

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[quote]Yes… that and fake web-hosting review web sites.


Stop fake review sites; click their Paid Ad listings, again and again. :slight_smile: