SPDY support?


When do you think we’ll be able to see SPDY support?


+1 for this


bump please


Might I add my vote to this as well. Whether we’re using CloudFlare or not, it would be nice nonetheless.


Probably not for at least a year from today (2014.10.15). SPDY will be standardized in HTTP/2, which should reach final Q1 2015.


Resurrecting this suggestion. Enabling SPDY will lower server resources (+1 for DreamHost) and improve performance of websites (+1 for customers).


It doesn’t make sense to add support for SPDY anymore considering that it’s on track to be deprecated next year. Development of the Apache SPDY module has stopped, in any case.

DreamHost will not get support for HTTP/2 until Apache and nginx ship stable releases that have it.

Also, note that Mozilla and other browser makers only intend to enable HTTP/2 for websites over HTTPS. So if you don’t have secure hosting set up with DreamHost, you will not be able to take advantage of HTTP/2.