Spanish forum

Hi, i’m spanish, my english is very bad, sorry.
If possible make a forum for spanish speakers?

You can by all means set up a spanish forum on your account with dreamhost. There’s a easy one-click install of phpbb, and I’m sure that’s been translated into spanish.


You bought web hosting from a company in an english speaking country, whose site is completely in english, and you want support in spanish?

You can setup a spanish language forum on your own site. I doubt dreamhost will setup customer support forums for other languages.

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Actually, phpBB only seems to be translated into English. I’m also curious about creating a Spanish language forum (not that I know a lick of Spanish, but because my site is becoming increasingly international in scope). Any pointers to good Spanish language forum software would be greatly appreciated.


I dunno where you were lookin exactly. At the bottom there are many different language packs.

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I wasn’t looking hard enough, apparently. Thanks for the link. Greatly appreciated, as promised. :slight_smile: