Spammers sending e-mails from my addresses

A few weeks back I began receiving e-mail notices from dreamhost on how America Online is reporting several of my e-mail addresses as a spam address.

I received about 6-7 emails from Dreamhost, all warning that they will disable any e-mail forwarded to aol. I noticed that along with my e-mails, the other reported addresses were of other domains.

So anways long story short, my emails forwarded to aol are disable. And somehow someone or something is sending out spam to people and myself under my e-mail addresses. Just a few minutes ago I looked into my webmail service from dreamhost and found my admin address to be reported as spam. So it was like from admin to admin. WTF.

Any ideas on how to stop this? I mean I should’ve taken action weeks ago but I didnt, now I suffer the consequences of not reading my e-mail thru my AOL which its fair. Know what I mean.

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