Spammers getting my name and address from dreamhos

Ok since I’ve joined one of the dreamhost plans Im getting a barrage of spam messages sent to my personal email (the one I used to register) that state my first and last name and they know my residential address! Below is the FIRST of many I’ve been getting just like this. The subject to this email was titled “ADV: Mr. Brian ***** of ******.com” I have replaced the real information with asterisks to avoid getting more spam :frowning:

"February 7, 2005

Mr. Brian *****
**** 25Th Ave Ne
Seattle, Washington

Dear Mr. Brian *****:

Congratulations on making a brilliant decision to go online with your domain name ******.com. I am writing this email specifically to you.

My company has won 16 prestigious Internet awards for designing outstanding web sites, and I thought I should share the following important information with you… Brian *****, I thank you very much for taking the time to read this important email. I sincerely appreciate it, and would love to have your association. I sincerely hope that I have not wasted your time. If you choose to not respond to this email, I will conclude that you are not interested in our services, and I assure you that you will not get
another email from me. In that case, please accept my sincere and profuse apology for taking your time.
(skipping to the end of the message)…

I care for charitable organizations that make a difference in our World. A portion of our revenue goes to support these organizations Thanks for helping us help the World.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours Truly,
Raymond Keller
Phone: (714) 844 9112"

Since this email I’ve gotten about 7 more spam mails that use my first and last name in the subject line trying sell porn sites like and The main thing I dont like is that these random people have my real address and this has never happened untill I started my domain at dreamhost.

Anyone care to suggest how they got my info?

They got your info because the looked it up via one of the many publicly available WhoIs databases, which displays as much registration information as possible about who owns your domain name (namely, you). If you do a WhoIs lookup on your domain name, you will find your name and your email address. Sometimes, you may find one of those “good” databases that even displays your home phone number and mailing address. This particular type of email spam stopped after a month for me.

Ok thanks, I remember about these types of databases just couldnt think of the name. I dont why these databases should be legal

You can register your domains through a proxy service that will conceal your personal infomation.

I’ve used Godaddy for some of mine and been happy.

WHOIS info has always been public, since the early days of the Internet when only large institutions like universities owned domain names, and there wasn’t really a privacy concern in revealing their addresses (and spam didn’t exist yet either). These days, copyright and trademark owners fight to prevent any change of policy that would increase privacy, because they like being able to look up info on domain owners when they think they’re infringing on intellectual property.

– Dan