With my old cpanel install I was able to tweak the scoring of given header flags by editing the configuration file. In doing so, I was able to get my mailbox 99% spam free. I could go months without a single spam message slipping through.

For example, this flag: FORGED_YAHOO_RCVD=2.299 is coming in a number of spams I’ve received. Since there are probably few (if any) emails I’d get from an email using a forged Yahoo address, I’d rather it score it higher.

With my cpanel account, I would just shell in, fire up vi and add a line the user configuration file:


How do I accomplish that with DH? I see where I can add white & black lists which I assume just adds the appropriate whitelist_from and blacklist_from lines in the same file I’m trying to edit.

Haven’t been able to find anything in the wiki, but maybe i’m missing it.

any help’s appreciated!