Er, it’s rubbish, isn’t it?

If it can’t recognise the word ‘Viiagra’ as spam then there really isn’t much hope. Plus I’m finding I have to add everything to the whitelist, however innocuous the posts I receive are.

Any tips on getting the best out of it?

I found the Keyword Filter so I’ll try that. Disappointing that you’d have to add a Subject AND Body filter for the same word.

Easyspace were robbers but at least they had decent spam software.


You can either do your own SA installation, which would definitely be an improvement, or do client-side filtering.

I lower the SA threshold to pretty darned low, like 2 or so, plus I do client-side filtering. That’s worked very well for me, though I do have to check the SA Quarantine from time to time.



OK thanks.

All of a sudden I stopped getting quarantine reports. Configuration says I should be.