Just a quick check. The dreamhost supplied spamassassin still doesn’t do user-level bayes stuff right?

(I was still running my own local copy, as I liked the higher level of control). 'Was just checking if I could do any local level tweaking of the dreamhost supplied stuff, or if I should still run my own.

edit: 'Basically I wanted to know if it would parse my ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs file, and if I could enable BAYES there.


The Junk Filter still doesn’t do any bayesian checks or training.

Although it’s now possible with SA 3.0, I haven’t spent the time to get it working and test it well.

Another consideration is the size of the spam/ham databases, which just on, say, my personal email get pretty big (and we have thousands and thousands of people using the Junk Filter).

It’s on my list, though!


Cool. Thanks for the rundown.