SpamAssassin Settings

I’m debating whether or not to install my own copy of SpamAssassin based on posts I’ve read on these forums and on other sites.

Are there tag/quarantine settings that anyone can recommend that work well with DreamHost’s SA installation?

If I install my own SA, will users still be able to see their junk mail in a folder when they login to webmail?

If you install spamassassin yourself, it only applies to your account, not your ‘users’, so nothing will change for them.

Every account that wants to use a custom spamassassin account, theoretically needs to install it themself. (Or you have to be skilled enough to install it so their procmail loads the spamassassin in your account…)

In either case, I’ve not seen anyone document in the wiki. It could be done, but its for advanced users only…


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Yes, yes, good…I’m just in the process of wrestling with all this myself. At the suggestion of DH support, I indeed created separate “user” accounts for some of my other email addresses ( the user accounts need not be named the same/similarly as the email address, BTW), but of course these user accounts are installed in a completely separate hierarchy on the server, so my SA install (on my “main” account) is of no use to them. I’d really NOT like to have to intall SA for EACH one of these account, so can you please list the settings they might need in their procmails instead (so they just all just load that same SA install)? I’m wondering if that could be tricky in regards to permissions, though. But perhaps (ideally) this info might be incorporated into the wiki!


Just FYI:

I don’t know if this information is on the wiki, but as far as I know all users under a given account are in the same group - so as long as your SpamAssassin installation is executable by others in the same group you should be ok. You’d just have to use the full path when executing spamassassin:

ex. Install Spamassassin as user1 (who is in group1)
As user2 (who is also in group1), run /home/user1/whereever-spamassassin-is-installed/spamassassin

Each user should then be able to have their own settings which should be controlled by the .spamassassin directories in their respective home directories.

I hope this is reasonably clear – I’m still in the process of evaluating Dreamhost, their email service seems to fluctuate constantly between quite good and HORRIBLE. But I’m slowly experimenting with getting a SpamAssassin setup similar to this working on my account and in theory this general process should work.

Good luck! If I do go with this and get it to work I’ll post the steps on the wiki.