SpamAssassin question - scoring

Is anyone having any luck with the “JunkMail” version of SpamAssassin? I have it turned on for the domain in question via the Web Panel, and I have the Tag level and Quarantine level in individual mailboxes both set to “1”, yet nothing gets quarantined – I even checked a message that was clearly spam, and saw the following in the full headers:

X-Spam-Score: 1.513
X-Spam-Level: *
X-Spam-Status: No, score=1.513 tagged_above=-999 required=999

Shouldn’t this particular message have been both tagged and quarantined? I’m not sure what else to check…

Yeah – I’m having the same issue here. Still searching for an answer. I’ve tried resetting the scoring options a few times, but no luck so far.

I find the spam filter extremely confusing with the tag and quarantine things. It’s not well explained, and frankly it’s not very clear how it works.

On the other hand, I have everything tagged and quarantined at 0 and so no junk gets through. It’s a bit of a pain initially because then I have to spend a lot of time white listing but now, finally, for the most part it functions well.

The problem with no tolerance levels is you have to go back and look at the list of emails in the junk folder to make sure nothing was tagged as junk that is actually good mail. This is the most hair pulling, nail-on-chalkboard irritation of the filter because rather than list the junk mails in order of date they are listed in order of priority level. So of 600 junk mails, one that is dated say 3/21 might be at the top of the list, while one dated 3/28 might be at the bottom of the list. As a result you have to go through the entire list every time you check for good email. I have not been able to find a way to change the sort order.

I used the same solution and it works incredibly well. My only frustration these days is that some spam reflects my domain as the sender’s domain. While it obviously isn’t coming from my domain, SpamAssassin thinks that it’s on the whitelist and let’s it through to me, where Outlook quarantines it.

If I could just find a multi-step rule that would allow me to scrutinize the username of email sent from my domain, I’d be all set.

A correctly configured SA allows

spamminess to be in the subject
spamminess to be in an X-header
spam above a user threshold to be moved into a subfolder

now… the subfolder is most easily accessed via IMAP. But it can also be accessed via POP3 by creating a new account within your mail client. Alternatively spam above a user threshold can be forwarded (without keeping a copy) to an alternate address

if you’re using outlook then also use
– if for no other reason than this: - the trauma of bad godaddy