SpamAssassin problem

I really hope someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong here!

I installed SpamAssassin recently, and it’s only working on one out of three accounts. (All three accounts are FTP users w/shell access - no mxxxxxx mailboxes.) The account where it’s working is the one I was logged in under when I did the install.

I used the instructions at which seem to work fine for other people so I must have done something wrong, but I’ve read them over a bunch of times since I installed and can’t find anything I did different. Also, if I log on to the shell account of either of the users that SA isn’t working for, there’s nothing there but a logs directory and a Maildir directory - no SA files or procmail stuff visible.

Is there some extra step I need to make SA work on the other two accounts? Maybe put a .procmailrc and a copy of the procmail folder in the home directory for each account? Or something I can do with permissions to let those two accounts access the procmail stuff on the other account?

(If possible please use small words :stuck_out_tongue: I can navigate a shell account and do basic stuff, but for anything complicated I tend to need directions to follow.)


Well there’s your problem.

You do know that you need to do it separately for each user, right?

You could possibly get away with sharing the SpamAssassin install itself, but it would complicate things a little (you couldn’t just follow the directions verbatim, because some of the paths would be different, and you’d possibly run into some permissions problems that would need to be fixed up).

Each user has to have the .forward file and .procmailrc, and should have a SA config file.

::headsmack:: I misunderstood the directions to mean that one install would cover all users. (I’m new to DH & still getting used to the way things are set up here - at my old host I just had to install it on my superuser account and it covered all the email accounts.)

Thank you!