SpamAssassin Options Reset?

I just turned on the SpamAssassin junk filter feature sometime yesterday, and then went about adding some friends’ email addresses to the options in webmail. I added a few blacklist addresses of stuff that got through as well.

So, this morning, I go to add another address to blacklist, and my entire “Personal Allow / Deny Addresses List” has been cleared. No sign of why it and a few other options on the page were reset, so it looks like I have to set it all up again.

Any idea what happened here? Did I not shut off some Razor option from before or something?

Thanks in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

All quarantined mail, and settings disappeared for me between yesterday and about five hours ago. At that point I couldn’t access the SpamAssassin config settings from webmail. I submitted a support request. No response yet. About two hours ago I noticed that I could access the SpamAssassin config again, but everything was reset. I’m waiting to hear back from support as to whether the previous setting will be restored, or whether I will have to re-enter. ugh…


I’ve had this problem on my and my wife’s accounts. I went ahead and submitted a problem request, so hopefully we can get some resolution. Glad to know it’s not just me.

Just a bit of an update. I did hear back from support. Unfortunately the settings are NOT backed up by DreamHost. So you have to re-enter them from scratch.

I have also sent them further information so that they can try to find out what went wrong. I also requested information as to whether there was any way we as users could back up/restore the settings without re-entering them manually. I will at least save the html page this time once I get it reset the way I want it!

I have referenced this thread as well. I am guessing that there may be more who had their settings reset and just haven’t noticed yet!

I have not heard back from them since I sent this followup information/request.