SpamAssassin not blocking emails on Blacklist


is there any way I can sort this out - generally SpamAssassin is doing alright for me - but some damn spammer - email of gets me daily.
I have:
sinhue2000 at blacklist 9 at blacklist 8
and at blacklist 7

And still it gets through :frowning:
I figured sticking all of AND this email itself in the blacklist would stop the emails getting through - but nope, every day there they are…

Any help? Ideas?


This has happened with some blacklisted messages to my addy too. Didn’t used to. ?


Hvaing seen that the JF quarantine displays the wrong From address, I wonder if the filtering is working off the wrong address.

As far as I can tell there isn’t any other address associated with this spam that I can block - looking at the headers the From and Reply-To are the same (which I have tried blocking) - the only other thing I see is Return-Path - which is different:
So is it worth blocking that as well? Hmm maybe I should just try it rather than ask about it :slight_smile: