SpamAssassin is broken PER DH Support

I got this reply (below) after noting that MANY very obvious emails were NOT being flagged despite my 0/0 setting in SpamAssasin

I replied and noted that this is a systems issue and needs to be reflected on the status blog. While it’s terribly compelling to read that a server had a RAM upgrade, this real, day-to-day operational issue looks to be the red-headed step child that don’t want to publicly discuss.


Per DH Support as of 11/16:

“SpamAssassin is scoring these emails, and moving them to the junk mail folder. But when they are placed in the junk mail folder, for some reason their true spam score is not showing up, instead they show up as 0. We do realize this is happening, and we are looking into what is causing this to happen. As far as a newer version of SpamAssassin, I really don’t have an ETA on this. We use a highly cutomized version of SpamAssassin so it makes it much more difficult to upgrade to newer versions (or else we wouldn’t done it already!). We are currently looking at ways to overhaul the entire system so we can upgrade spamassassin easily in the future.”