SpamAssassin Installing v3.1.X

I have a few questions about this…

I’ve installed 3.1.6 on my system, but as others have mentioned in this forum, only the primary account appears to recogize it… How do I install it for all accounts, note I only have a few email accounts, and all are shell users?

To remove my installation of 3.1.6, do I just delete the directories/files created during the install?

Does DreamHost have a plan to implement v3.1.X accross their entire system, the concept of using a free email system, Gmail, as a method to filter out spam seems a little odd considiring everyone using dreamhost pays for a service, which is supposed to include spam filtering?

I initially tried to use the Junk email filter supplied with DreamHost, but after reading through the wiki decided to try the local install of the latest version, I turned off junk mail, why is the Junk Mail folder still on all of my email accounts?


Unfortunately, you need to install Spamassassin on all of your email accounts in order for your own, personally installed version to be effective. Your email accounts being all shell users, though, makes things that much easier for you.

That should be all it takes, yes.

The junkmail folder is actually sitting on a centralized mail server designed specificly for filtering email for your cluster. It usually stays there to give people time, just in case they still have email there they want to move to their inbox. If it bothers you, you can ask DH to remove it.

Unfortunately, the only people who can answer your other question, though, are DH staff members. I suspect, though, when next they do the major software upgrades, which will hopefully be after they’ve sorted their hardware problems out, they’ll upgrade SA.

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You can share the SpamAssassin code so that it doesn’t have to be duplicated for each user. (This makes it much easier to upgrade in the future.) Something like:

ln -sf ~first-user/installation/dir ~second-user

You have to setup the procmail stuff for each user to call spamassassin.