SpamAssassin in SquirrelMail

Does anyone know how DH’s installation of SpamAssassin, as accessible through SquirrelMail, is configured? Is it a fully default installation, with default rules, untrained with no Bayesian classification of incoming mail? Customized and souped-up? Is there some DH guy training SA behind the scenes on large quantities of verified spam?

Do you use SquirrelMail’s filter? Or do you completely bypass it, procmail all your mail to your local setup of SA?

It seems to be an older version, and if it is trained, I’d say it isn’t trained well. I have played around with it a little, and it isn’t too useful. I’d recommend installing your own copy so you can actually get full use out of it as SA can actually be really effective. Fortunately I only receive a small amount of spam through the couple of DH email accounts I have, so I’m too lazy to care :wink:

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.