Spamassassin headers, can they be changed?

I don’t find the ones DH provides to be all that informative, really… but that’s just me being all manner of oddly curious. Because I get a few false positives per day, I want to be able to figure out why it is they get tagged. Did the originating IP end up in spamcop’s or another block list, for instance? The DH wiki’s useless on things like that, so figure I may as well drop a line here. I’d like the kind of information that’s shown in the example headers provided in this thread, even though I’m guessing the headers in question weren’t generated by a DH server. Would this require a custom spamassassin install, perhaps? Or am I missing something?

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There’s just the one header that lists what got flagged, though not their individual scores. Here’s one I got:

X-Spam-Status: No, hits=1.8 tagged_above=-999.0 required=3.0

You can go to the SpamAssassin website to see how the scores add up. It looks like DreamHost is using the default values: