SpamAssassin Configuration

I’m using the standard version of SpamAssassin on several domains, with multiple addresses forwarded to a single mailbox in my account. I’ve added several rules to .spamassassin/user_prefs to change the weight of some tests, but they seem to be ignored.

I have the following rules:

score LOTS_OF_STUFF 3.5
score HTML_80_90 1.5
score HTML_MESSAGE 1.5
score MIME_HTML_ONLY 1.0
score HTML_90_100 1.0

Several of them are present for those spams selling pirated software, yet the spam value for that email is 2.2. Am I putting them in the right place?

All of my addresses (in several domains) forward to my mailbox macmega, so I’m using the configuration file in that account. I have spamassassin enabled for those domains and I see the additional tags added to the email.