Spamassassin, can it be shut off?

After months of screwing around with this software, I’m ready to give up on it. I’ve read countless guides and even the wiki trying to get it to work right, all to no avail. In actuallity, the software works almost perfectly, except in reverse. All of my legitimate mail goes to the spam folder (in fact the registration email for these forums ended up there too), and all of the spam goes straight to my inbox. Now obviously I thought “hey, maybe if I reverse the settings, it will straighten out”. Nope, it just fubars it even more.

Ultimately what I want to do is just receive all of my email using OE. I obviously can’t do that until I make sure that nothing is going into the junk folder. Surely there must be someway to turn it off that I can’t find anywhere.

Disable the filter in the Panel:


Geez, I logged in to the panel a long time ago and never saw that option. Thanks.