Spamassasin Whitelist for entire domain


Hi guys,

Not sure if this is mentioned anywhere in the Wiki (couldn’t find the answer there). Anyway, what I’m after is a way to create a whilelist/backlist for the entire domain.

Junk Filter allows each individual user to create their own white and black list in squirrelmail. But I have a fairly large set of whitelist that I want to apply to the entire domain. Is there a way I can do that?

Thanks in advance.



On second reading, I see you want to create a single white/blacklist for all of your users. Nope. Current setup only allows for individual configurations; not global.



Damn, that’s doing to hurt me. I got to configure around 60 mailboxes before I trigger the migration to DreamHost. Anyway, is there a way to atleast create a whitelist in bulk? My list contains close to 200 addresses (mixture of email addresses and domains). As painful as it will be, I can at least login to each email mailbox first and have the whitelist configured.


The only way I can see is for you to create a CSV file of your whitelist, then import it to their address book, and then whitelist everybody in the address book.

I’ve not tried this, so I’m not sure if it actually creates a whitelist, or just turns on the feature that address book should be whitelisted. So you may just have to enable this feature, and then leave your whitelist in the address book, which you users may end up never looking at anyhow, which would be no harm done.



Thanks for that and it sounds reasonable. Is there a way to add a entire domain to the address book? I couldn’t find a way to do so. They are for individual emails only.

My current whitelist looks like: etc… so apart from individual emails I also need to whitelist entire domains.


For entire domains, you’ll have to use the whitelist feature and do each domain separately. That must be some huge whitelist you’ve got going.

This may even be the wrong route, considering the limitations of the provided SpamAssassin. Perhaps there’s something you can do client-side that’s more effective.



That is a list I had to build up over many years. When your company has to deal with lots of Chinese clients who writes legitimate emails that looks very much like a spam (caps, red colour, html tags and anything that will trigger points), you have to maintain that list. It is indeed frustrating.