We’ve all struggled with this for years, but now I have to figure out how to kill the 100’s of SPAM emails I’m receiving on my personal email address for my domain name, hosted on Dreamhost.

This massive increase in SPAM emails started about two months ago, and I’ve tried adjusting the SPAM filter setting on my DreamHost WebPanel but it’s catching too many legitimate emails.

So…as much as I hate to kill this personal email address, create a new one, and try contacting EVERYONE that uses this address, I’m wondering what other steps I can take to stop the SPAM.

Pay for a SPAM filter service?

I’ve taken off my email address (in searchable text form) from my web site, so I know it’s not coming from there.

What else can I do?

If I disabled this email address on the DreamHost Web Panel for a week or two, would the SPAM stop?

Any comments or ideas? I spend most of my day deleting spam, and this is an important email address for me.



Here’s a cool solution I’ve started using (I can’t right off find the website that gave good instructions):

Create a gmail account (or use the one you already have)
Go to gmail to the Settings -> Accounts and add that personal address for Send Mail As. It’ll send you a verification message to that address.
Forward your personal email to that gmail address (I chose to keep my mailbox and forward, so I have a copy here just in case).
In, for my Gmail account, I can add multiple sender addresses which gives me a dropdown menu when sending mail. I hear this works for some other mail clients as well.

Or you try a variation of the double-pass filter:



Ok, here’s the article I used:



Thanks, Scott.

Let me try this technique. I already have a GMail account, so let me give this a try.