looking for a way to stop spam at server level…
some accounts are getting hammered

at server level
at server level

Can you show me an example? I am curious to see if this is a problem similar to the one I experienced a couple of weeks ago.

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Sorry. I do not have any examples. It’s just SPAM… lots and lots of spam. I use gmail so I do not get any, I am, asking my question on behalf of my organization that uses dreamhost pop mail. They are complaining of 100+ spams each day.

Is that all? I get more than twice that. They should consider themselves lucky.

If they haven’t already done so, they should consider making their WHOIS information private, which can lead to a significant reduction in spam.

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thanks but the WHOIS info my address. good thought anyway!

200+ spam mails a day is NOT normal. I’ve yet to experience any spam myself, but if it’s happening at that level, then clearly using DreamHost as a mail provider is a very bad choice. That is, I assume you’ve all setup your filtering and such properly. Even on my gmail and other public/free accounts, I receive less than 100 spam mails a month.

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Gmail is my gold standard for spam filtering. If they ever got into the business of enterprise spam filtering at a decent price point, they’d capture 80% of the market.

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I get that many spam emails because my email address is everywhere. I used to be very active on various technology-related mailing lists (that are archived online), so my main email address is very much in the wild.

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So far I have been very lucky, I am get up to 5 spams a day. My biggest problem is the web spammers, hopefully that will all change even if its temporary with phpbb 3 coming out.

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Being the owner of a domain name, I get zillions of spam messages – often hundreds a day. Much of this is due to spammers hijacking the mail headers and using our domain as the recipient for the rejection notices. (yes, I have finally disabled the ‘catch-all’, or rather, I should say I have given it over to SpamAssassian)
I would like to see progress in adoption of standards which could start to curtail domain hijacking this, such as the Anti-Spam alliance specification – but that doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction.
Yes making my whois private has helped, but I did that way too late.
I am trying to use SpamAssassain, hosted by our providers, but the access tools for it seem very primitive. Anyone have a pointer to more than the dream-host faq? (for example, is there any other way, than the address book import, to add white and black list entries? Perhaps you have other suggestions for using these tools? Is setting up my own instance difficult? It seems that there are many options which aren’t available in hosted version.
(I’m not averse to running and administering programs. I’ve been mucking with computers since the seventies (back in the days when they’d post ‘guest’ user credentials over the ASR33 terminals! I wasted miles of HMC paper playing startreck on those terminals). But if I could get the hosted version to do what I need, hey, one fewer thing to have to maintain.)