I recently signed up for a domain/hosting with DH and now I’m receiving a great deal of spam to my general purpose gmail that I used to register for the account. Nothing else has changed recently, and I’ve never received more than a 20-40 pieces of spam a week (in inbox and spam filter tab combined), now I’m getting hundreds

I notice that my email address is listed in the whois for the doman… could that be the reason? How do I go about getting it out of there?

Fortunately, I only received one piece of spam through the email address I used for the DH account. Strangely enough, it was trying to sell me web hosting. :slight_smile: A friend who also signed on with DH received exactly the same email.

I am pretty sure you are correct and the name/email address is being lifted from the whois results for the domain.

You can change the whois information in the control panel. Goto Domains -> Registrations, tick the checkbox next to the domain(s) you want to change, then click Modify Checked


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