I recieved a piece of spam today that was addressed to:

I just thought that was a bit weird.

Is ‘users’ an alias for all users on the system or something? Are spammers using this address to target all users?


  • wil

Wil, I’ve gotten the same thing. Actually I got one today that said “Undisclosed” Some of the spam I get at my earthlink address says the same but of course it says "". One time I sent out an email to mulitiple people using BCC and didn’t add anyone into the “To” section. I also added myself to the email. When I got it it said “Undisclosed”. I have sent other emails like this but added myself into “To” and it comes with my name in that part. I think by default if no address is added in the “To” it just says Undisclosed". being the domain or ISP you’re using. This is of course just my guess and I may be totally wrong and would like to know. I’m guessing I am wrong since I also get emails that just say “Undisclosed Recipients”. So, I guess I would like to know the answer to your question also :slight_smile:


This just means that the sender sent the message to you via bcc (check the headers to see if the address they sent the message to is in there), and used an invalid address in the ‘To’ field - in this case, they probably put something like:

To: users
in the message. Our system doesn’t like that (since it’s not a valid address), and appends its own hostname.

This confuses a lot of customers (who understandably think we’re spamming them); I’ve been meaning to write a kbase article about it.

Ah, yeah. That would make sense now. I’ve seen that happen a lot when people fill out forms on websites and leave the email field blank or invalid.

  • wil