SPAM whitelist and Addressbook relationship?

Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, but I couldn’t find anything that looked appropriate.

When using Spam filtering, what is the relationship between the client Address-book and the white/black-list that’s displayed in the Spam configuration page?

I recently switched to imap spam view. I found a message in my old SPAM file (managed through the web UI), and used the “move to in-box and add to the whitelist” button. The message was immediately moved into my imap spam folder.

The real situation I have is: I want to create a white-list of contacts that SPAM will pass through to my inbox. It appears there are two lists – my client address book, and the list that is managed from the web-page for SPAM configuration. What list is used for SPAM white/black-list? (I am hoping this is the client address-book since that’s got an import function, but I cannot find an import for the SPAM web list.)


I believe that those are two somewhat independent systems. Squirrelmail is just a web-based mail client. The spam system here is just part of the path mail takes to reach your mailbox. The spam system does have its own web interface, and I’ve discovered that Squirrelmail can “frame” the spam interface within Squirrelmail, but they are two separate systems.


Thank you so much for your quick response. So, if I put contacts into my contact list, they will be treated as if they were in the Spam white/blacklist? Do you happen to know what order these are processed in?

Mail entering and leaving your mail account goes through a spam filter before doing anything else. Adding an address to your contact list doesn’t allow them to bypass the spam filter.

Webmail > Options > SpamAssassin Configuration

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Thank you for clarifying. Hopefully this is the last followup – is there an import method for white/black list, or are these entries stored in a file or table that I can edit (other than via the entry method in SpamAssassin config. control panel)?