Spam, stats, etc


Hi, I want to move to DH for Rails dev, have figured out the Rails questions I have so far, but on a simpler level, how is the Spam filtering ? I have been using Spam Assassin so I’m used to that and it seems to work well.

Also, what web stats are available. Again, I’m used to Awstats.

Also, do you like the support ticket system? Does it track all communicatiosn with support staff and keep records of all your tickets?


Spam Assassin is aviable on a per domain basis here - meaning you can turn it on for all E-mails on a domain. The one drawback is that you must log into webmail to view the filtered E-mails and clean them out.

Analog Stats are aviable for your domains by default. However you’ll find easy to follow instructions in the wiki to install awstats.

I rather like the support system. There’s two parts of it. If you’ve got a domain or service that’s not working you can use their system to check and see if it’s a server wide problem. If that’s the case, then once you put in your E-mail address you’ll get regular updates on their progress. If it doesn’t seem to be a system wide problem then you can put in a ‘tradidional’ support ticket. All communication between you and support is saved in the panel - so even if you loose your E-mail of it you can find it there.

To top it off, there’s where announcements and such are posted. You can subscribe to the rss feed for the page and know what’s going on.

–Matttail - personal website


Thanks for the feedback. My old host used to suck, then they got much better so now I’m cautious about moving.

my current host has a method whereby you can set up another email account in your client like to download all the mail from that spam folder. I guess this is a feature of the host only, not spam assassin?

Or another question might be, can you have Assassin redirect to a new email account like which could be autodownloaded into your clients Junk folder and deleted?


As far as I know you can only access the spam through webmail. I don’t use it myself so I’m not all that familiar.

–Matttail - personal website


You don’t really have to login to view e-mail in the filter. I know that you can tag it DHSPAM and just setup a rule to dump it into a junk folder that gets deleted once a week.
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