Spam scores?/

First let me say that I am an admitted rookie at this. Can someone explain this spam scoring for me? Like a lot of others have reported I have been getting bombarded with spam the last couple of months. I am using Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client and it seems to learn what is spam what is not very quickly however I would like to have it never get to my inbox and just go directly to a spam or junk folder like it should. I am getting obvious spam that has a score of .001. Is there anything I can do different within Dreamhost to make the spam control actually work, because right now it looks like I would have to set the number to 0 to actually catch it all, but that would most likely place all of my mail in the same spam folder. Any help appreciated.

How about looking for say 10 random spam emails and check their scores. if the average is 2.1, I’d suggest that you try to set 2.2.