Spam Protection?

Does anyone know how to automatically delete all emails that come in that are not addressed to the exact email address I am using? I’ve done this with no problem on other hosts. In other words, if my email address is, I don’t want to get messages addressed to like I currently am getting. The amount of spam is crazy, and Yahoo seems to do a better job of filtering it out. Any advice?



In the Web Panel go to Mail -> Message Filters.

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Thank you…I’ve tried a few different combinations and I ended up not getting any mail! I am testing a new one now that just moves messages to a new folder, so I am sure with some trial and error I’ll get it. I guess I was wondering if there was some kind of ‘standard’ filter that I could apply that would just catch-all emails coming in that don’t use my exact address. I’ll play with this some more.

You probably don’t actually want to do this, unless you really want to ignore messages CCed or BCCed to you, or messages which were sent to a mailing list which included you.

If you’re having spam issues, you’ll probably be better served by turning on junk filtering. You can do this from the Panel at