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First off i am running e107 newsletter. I have a yahoo group with 1900+members. I uploaded all there email address. I show support how to unsubscribe and subscribe and that they work. The still want a log of the confirmation email and the peeps ip address’s . I understand the policy but everyone on my yahoo/group understands what I am trying to move away from yahoo to my on site. I can only prove to dream host there email and the day that they signed up. The group has been round since 2001 and don’t understand why they can’t see that this is not for fishing/spam. Any ideas what i can do. I would appreciate any help from anyone who has been through this before.



Indicate on your site (as a News article and a Sticky in a forum) that whomever wishes to continue receiving the site newletters must subscribe to them at the new site. Legit userbases have no problem at all with that if they wish to continue receiving a newsletter.

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Should one of those 1900 people screw up and tag your message as spam, their ISP will accuse you of spamming and contact DreamHost. DreamHost will have no proof that that person double-opted into the mailing list.

Bottom line is that if you can’t provide this kind of proof, you run the risk of having your account terminated.



So what happens when I send out the message for people to subscribe to the new newsletter to 1900 people and say 100 respond in a hour and the email is sent out then i break the email quatoa for an hour then what happens. All the people that signed up never get a email to respond to confirmation. What then? Am I allowed to auto confirm with out breaking the spam policy.


Is this on an Announce List, a Discussion List, or a regular mail account? For one of the List options here, since you already have the Yahoo group, use Yahoo to send out a message with the new subscribe link.

The Lists here don’t have the same quota as manual mail, so you’re not going to run into that hourly limit for responses.



This is the e107 newsletter pluggin i’m running. I have put the link on my yahoo group for people to sign up for the newsletter. It’s my own email account at dreamhost. Just a question to see what happens if my email starts to send out the confirmation email more that 100 a hour. People generally read my messages pretty quick and respond quickly. I should grow past a 100 people quickly. So when that happens i guess i should send yall the log of the ip’s and names.


Check out the Announce List function available from Panel.

Like Scott said, far less opt-in and quota worries.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost