Spam on phpBB forums




I was a member with Dreamhostapps and now i’m a paid member with Dreamhost. I migrated my apps over when i paid so I still have the 1 click installs. The wordpress app is pretty good in a way that wordpress has a lot of plugins to stop spam comments but I didn’t find anything in phpBB. This is the reason i have made posting disabled in my phpBB at

Can someone tell me how to atleast have captcha enabled while registration so I can block spam in phpBB? Also because of this it’s affecting my google page rank as well for my wordpress blog at



If you want better page rank that can be achieved by having a popular forum with many active posters. You have too many ad tricks that the user has to go thru to get there. First the forum page loads, then an ad covers it up… dismiss that, and whoa that click opens a full screen browser for another ad. When I find that stuff on a site, I just leave. Ads are fine, just don’t hi-jack the users computer.


Thanks for the link. So it seems like I did have the captcha enabled for new signups but still I had about 25,000 spam users. I don’t know why this number is so high … In any case, I agree and personally feel that the ads are really annoying but I thought … if I was going to be attacked by spammers, why not make a buck out of it :slight_smile: But it turns out, the ad merchants don’t pay for placing ads in a junk place anyways so there’s no point in doing it. I really want to find a way to get rid of this spam. I deleted all the users only a few months back and now i’m back to 25k spam users in about 3-4 months? I don’t think I can handle this without some help from phpBB. Any suggestions?


Sure… start typing “phpbb spam” into google in browser that had google auto complete enable and you will see alot of topics to read up on.

Also phpbb has a strong user forum itself, where you will probably get better advice about phpbb than you will in this forum.

If you have a problem implementing something they suggested or upgrading then come back here and ask those questions.


The default CAPTCHA for phpBB signup is basically worthless. It’s not that it’s a weak CAPTCHA, but it’s present on enough sites that spammers have made a point of writing scripts to break it.

What we primarily use for spam protection on this site is the Stop Forum Spam IP/email database. It’s not perfect — some spam still does get through — but it has greatly improved the situation from where it was.


You could also enable the Q&A Captcha in phpBB, as long as you have a good mixture of questions and rotate/update them regularly you should find that spam is significantly reduced.

I had a really bad period of spam account attacks not so long ago
when I was using only reCaptcha - switched to Q&A and haven’t had a single bad sign up since.