Spam on generic addresses?

First time, long time…but still a total newbie here so go easy please.

We have a domain hosted with DH and only forward about a half dozen addresses. We DO NOT use the other mail features at all. No Web mail, etc.

Recently we began getting spams to,,, etc. How do I prevent these from coming in?

I tried to read up a little here about catch-all’s and Spam Assassin, but dont really understand whether those are something that I need to try or not. I’d like to nip this in the bud before it gets really bad.

Thanks for your patience.


If info@ and guest@ are not addresses that you are specifically forwarding, this infers that you have a catch-all address active. If so, do you have any real reason for having a catch-all? You will eliminate a lot of the spam by simply deleting it.


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A catch-all is basically that, it catches e-mail to any addresses that aren’t setup. That means someone can spam and you will end up seeing it. The addresses you listed are pretty generic, so they are commonly spammed. Domains are “supposed” to have a postmaster@ address, so spammers send crap out to postmaster@everydomainever pretty much.

Check the panel to see if you have a catch-all active, or just send an e-mail to an address you know you didn’t set up to see if it gets to you.

If these are addresses that you set up, your next step is filtering.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

Thanks for your reply!

I think that this is where my confusion came into play while reading about catch-all’s. I did not set up a catch-all, yet I am still seeing guest@, info@, postmaster@, etc.

Any ideas on how to stop these mails from making it through? I actually even removed my postmaster@ address because we never use our addresses for mailing out only for forwarding.


Now that is odd. If you definitely don’t have a catch-all@ address defined for the domain, you should only being receiving mail addressed to the specific addresses that you are forwarding.

Do you have a catch-all on any other domains that may be set to forward to an address on this domain?


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Aha! I figured it out.

It turns out that I still have a live info@ address linked to our site. The spam comes in on that, but the “To:” section of the e-mail in Thunderbird says it was mailed to “Guest@”.

Viewing all headers revealed the truth that it was riding in on INFO@ and displaying as GUEST@. Sorry for the waste of space. Spammers just freak me out a little.

Thanks again for your attention and patience.


No need to be sorry, I am just glad you resolved the problem.

It is a little sad that in this day and age we can’t even post a real email address in a forum or on a website without it being harvested by some stupid spambot.


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