Spam mail

I currently use the spam filter from Dreamhost which has had a few issues recently, and I’d like to get around that without perhaps the need to go to gmail. Is there a decent replacement for it that essentially does the same, but is a little bit more trustworthy? I seem to lose a few emails… ones where my colleagues get email that I’m cced on and I don’t which only seems to happen if I put the junk filter on. However, because my boss travels a lot, I need to place the junk filter on or else she gets hundreds of junk mail going to her blackberry.

Alternatively, apparently I can maybe use the gmail function, but I’m not sure how this would work… can somebody explain the steps on a) how it all works and b) how to set it all up?

As far as I understand I would need to set up my email to go to gmail and I could then in turn have it forward to my email. My problem is I would a) need a webmail thing to log into b) it has to be done in a way that where-ever I send my email from (Outlook or webmail) the email would look like its coming from my domain and not have anything gmail related in it. It would also ideally work similarly to the POP3 mail version of the DH webmail - ie I can set it up to leave messages on the server from one PC whilst it would remove the messages once they are downloaded off another one.

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