Spam mail being sent out by forum

I am looking for some help

My admin Gmail account that sends out all the notifications and stuff from my forum has been sending out spam mail. I have changed the password and it still sends out spam.

When I contacted Dreamhost support they said that it looks like its the Forum sending it out via the Send to a Friend option which I have then disabled yet its still doing it. The emails seem to be from two different users yet when I search for the user names the forum can not find them as they don’t exist. The only way it stops is if I turn off all the email functions in the control panel for notifications but doing this also stops my embers getting notifications on posts to threads and so on which is no use.

Its really doing my head in and I can’t figure out whats going on and how to stop it.

Any help is greatly appreciated


What forum software? They may be hitting the file directly to send spam, which can happen. You MAY be able to block it with .htaccess filters.