Spam getting HEAVY -Ecards :(

I and my clients are getting Ecard spams and these new PDF ones aup to 10+ per day. HELP. anything I/they can do.

Assuming you can filter mail at the client, set up a filter based on:

Subject Contains:
You’ve received an ecard from a
You’ve received a greeting ecard from a


Those are the two subject line variations I am getting. Of course the specifics for setting up the filter depend on your client mail program.


I’m getting about 200 of these per day across my various email accounts at the moment. I just ignore and delete them. I think e-cards are lame anyway.

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Spammers find new ways to enter the mail box…I mean, they use different phrases. The ecard spam appeared to have reached the peak now-a-days.

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I have way more relatives and friends than I even knew. :cool:

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everyone is getting them and to be honest with you, if there was something we could do then spam wouldn’t exist.

We could invade Spamistan and organize a regime change.

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