Spam from where?

Today, I found this in my e-mail:

[quote]Dear Registrant,

Congratulations on securing [my Dreamhost domain].COM.

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Zoe Saldana
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www. hostbreak. com[/quote]
How this person was obtain my e-mail??. I did not autorize 3rd party promotions. I don’t know about, I don’t want to know about I don’t requested any help about and any services from that site. Please, answer me: How can to do to know my e-mail and know that e-mail is associated with my DREAMHOST account?. Thanks for your attention.

Domain register watchers. I had similar emails when I registered a couple domains a couple months ago.

Ignore them. Don’t worry about. They are just registerer squatters sending emails to ever new domain registered.

yerba# rm -rf /etc

Annoying little “whois” query 'bots run by spammers.

Or, you can report them to their upstream provider; see:
…but that’s just me; I also run my $DAYJOB’s mail server(s) and being a typical grouchy-ass sysadmin I tend to want retribution against them unwashed masses what dare disturb me with they’re advertising nonsense.