Spam from my own domain?

Was reading the Wiki and a thread on here but I’m not sure if this falls under the Catch-All category since I don’t use it:

I recently got some spam from in my Gmail account.

In my control panel, I have the e-mail addresses (the, admin, etc.) setup to forward to my Gmail account.

How do I prevent getting spam from my own domain?

While anything is possible, this is very unlikely. It is far more likely that you received a spam where the spammer simply forged the “From:” to show "".

You can tell this by carefully inspecting your full message headers, and tracking down the “confirmed” IP addresses used.

If the mail actually did originate “from” your domain; keeping that mail from reaching your mailbox is the least of your problems, as spam originating from your domain will get your email privileges yanked at DH.

If in fact it is just a forgery, you cannot “stop” that from happening. It is important to realize, however, that the spam is not coming from your domain, so you handle it the same way you handle any other spam.

If you need help in deciphering the header information, just google for help on reading message headers, and you will find lot’s of resourcees.


I’ve seen this happen too. DH tells me that the DH mail servers add your own domain name when there is no domain given in the “from” address.
So if it’s sent from “spam” rather than "", then it would appear to you that it was sent from "". But if you check the headers, you can see it wasn’t sent from your domain after all.

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Actually, looking into it further from the headers and subject the spam e-mails came from a contact form plugin via wordpress (

From: some7763 @ MYDOMAIN. com
Date: Sep 14, 2006 11:47 AM
Subject: MYWEBSITE contact form results

So maybe it is possible that someone manually entered as their required e-mail address and typed in some gibberish.