Spam from my domain

I’m pretty new to all this, so this is probably a regular thing but not to me. I’m getting spam from my domain with a fake name. kind of thing. I don’t know how that works but I’m wondering if there is some way using DH utilities or others that I can stop it.

I don’t know if these emails are being sent to anyone other than the email address of my site. Is there any way I can tell? I don’t want others to think I’m spamming.

Just because it has your domain name does not mean it came from your domain. I had spam sent to me that had my domain name on it.
I beleive there are log files that will tell you if there are any outgoing emails. Hopefully someone else will give more details or correct me if I am wrong.

My website

Email can be set up to show any email address. To find out if it comes from your domain you would have to check through the header information in the email to find out the true source.

You would only have a problem if this showed the source as your domain

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Thanks. I think I see how it works now. I just assumed someone was somehow adding themselves to my email account at that domain. I’ll check the headers of any others that come through.