Spam from DreamHost


Has anyone else been receiving spam emails from the DreamHost domain?

Every now and then I’ll get an email from an address such as or Of course, I also get spam from my own email address, heh. -_- But in regard to the ones using the DreamHost domain, is there anything DH can do about it??


I suspect they can do about as much to stop it “coming from” their domain(s) as you can do about it “coming from” your domains. :wink:

I don’t know of any reasonable or effective way to prevent spamtards forging “from” addresses.



Yep, very easy. They can block all mail with a return address of … or … Problem solved. New problem introduced (you’ll miss out on a fair amount of legitimate mail).



The email system doesn’t like senders saying a message is from “Instant Booster” because that is not an email address. It will then normalize that field by converting the barewords to email addresses - using the server name as the mail host. So you can’t really go by the “From” header, you have to look at the other headers to see what machines are involved in passing the message. It might not have originated at DreamHost.

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