Spam filtering on ALL email addresses

Hello, I’m VERY confused so I came here to ask for you advice.

I would like spam filtering on ALL emails on my DH account.

I have many domains hosted on my DH account. I would like spam filtering for all email accounts that I have setup on these domains. I am very surprised to read that this may not be possible. I may however be a fool and need putting right!

domain hosted
I have 7 email addresses setup on this domain. The main user account and 6 others created in the manage mail section:
If I enable spamassasin on the domain, will all of these addresses get checked by the spamassassin filter?

If so, and I want to setup my own recent release of spamassassin (as directed in the wiki) will that then check all of the emails for that domain?

It is very unclear and I dont want to go thru the whole setup just to see that only the user mail account is filtered. I read on the wiki that the promail filter doesnt support the M###### email accounts, if this is the case, maybe they wont be checked by the spamassassin install?

Lastly, I would like this spam filtering to be available to all my emails accross all my domains. Is this possible?


Once you turn on Spam Filtering, it’s applied to all of your mailboxes, though its default setting is pretty lenient. You’ll have to go into each account at to lower the thresholds for tagging and quarantine.

If you do your own SpamAssassin install, it will only filter your non-M###### account. If you want a custom SA install for all mail accounts, you’ll have to set each of them up as an FTP user so they can use the procmail filter. These accounts may be able to share the same SA installation (I’m not sure).