Spam filtering for some users not enabled

So far the new spam filtering system is working great. All the most obvious spam messages are deleted without me having to see them (at least I think they are) and no false positives have shown up in the Spam folder when I check AT Mail daily. BUT I can only say that for the email addresses on my domain that were being filtered by the previous system. I have three colleagues who are now receiving many vulgar messages daily and nothing is going to their AT Mail spam folder. They weren’t set up for filtering before but the new system is supposedly running across all addresses at this domain. I have sent two messages in to Support, the first one being more than 5 days old, and I haven’t heard anything back other than “Your inquiry has been moved to the queue of a specific tech support team member”.

How may I get the filtering for my three colleagues?

I received a response recommending that I enable the filter for each user which I did but then the check mark disappears and the spam keeps coming to everybody but me. I think it is because I had Spam Assassin set to only filter my email address but now the spam is horrible in content and volume and I can’t get the filter to work for the other email address at my domain. Maybe I should delete those users and then create them again. I really don’t know but this has to stop.

Our spam filtering stopped on 10/16. Chat support pushed an “update” to our servers. It did nothing. I’m opening a ticket but expecting little help.

They did not get back to me but they did get spam filtering working across all users and it is working almost perfectly. I guess they fixed something without advising me.

I am having the same troubles. My Spam filters seem to have all but stopped working since the new webmail interface took over.

I am having the exact same issue. Getting hundreds of spam emails a day now.