Spam filtering doesn't default to IMAP.Junk folder?

Reading the wiki: it seems to suggest that, by default, quarantined mail will not be stored in the IMAP mailbox Junk folder, but rather must be accessed by some wonky web-based system? I remember this from years ago when playing with DH’s spam filters, and found that hard to use.

However, it also says now “Quarantined emails can be put in a regular IMAP folder, accessible from any mail client program using IMAP, instead of the ‘Junk Mail’ quarantine folder. Three settings are involved:”

My question is : does one have to set this on a per-user basis? Is there no way to have this be the default? I’d like to enable spam filtering on an client domain, but I’d rather not have to go in and hand-edit the several filter settings for each individual user mailbox.

Anyone else used this?

As far as I know, it needs to be set up per user. I have mine sent to a folder called “Quarantine”. This enables me to easily see the quarantined email on my desktop client or portable devices. The one thing that is still a little tricky is that you need to use the web-based portal to update your whitelist/blacklist. If you are using the web-based portal for the quarantine, you can easily add an email address to the whitelist/blacklist from there.

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