Spam filter

I love the concept of server-based spam filtering, but is there any way of adjusting the filtering level of the Razor setup for a POP3 account?


Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz

Razor doesn’t have a “filtering level” exactly - it just marks something as spam or not spam. The panel has an option (specifically indicated for POP3 users) to just tag suspected spam, rather than moving it to a different folder.

Overall, Razor isn’t a very good filter. We implemented it a long time ago because it was easy, not too resource intensive, and better than nothing. As you may have noticed, we’re working on some new options, which should be a lot more effective.

Ah, I see… :wink:
Thanks Will. I look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve… - although I’m not sure what I should have noticed!


Neil Atwood
Sydney, Oz

See the beta testing forum on this discussion board for some discussion of the junkmail filtering beta test.

Feel free to sign up if you want.