Spam filter not working

That title is a little misleading. Mail is being filtered and caught just fine. Problem is when I go to look at my ‘Junk Mail’ folder at webmail2. I can’t get valid emails out of purgatory… in fact, none of the actions listed actually remove/deliver mail. I get the following error when I try to ‘Move to INBOX’

Error: Could not open file /usr/local/junkmail/2005-03-22/spam-86656c05b18b92346b6edec88d855583-20050321-080157-08117-14.bsmtp

The message is not moved.

What gives?

I am seeing this also. I sent a support request an hour or so ago. No response yet.

Ditto here. Also getting a lot of things that used to be whitelisted caught in the junk filter.

Likewise. My support request went in just short of 3 hours ago; haven’t heard anything since then.

yep. same here.

i’m staring at a folder full of junk email (some 300 messages of which i know at least 30 are “good”) and when i select some and select “move to inbox” and hit submit, i get:

Error: Could not open file /usr/local/junkmail/2005-03-22/spam-f265a214c0691ded33ec132a6d09ab74-20050315-162639-21514-03.bsmtp

i put in a request for support 5+ hours ago, still no response, but it sounds like they must know about the issue now.

Received this from DH Support within the past hour:

[quote]Unfortunately, due to a bug in the junk mail processing software, some emails weren’t correctly copied to your inbox, but were at the same time deleted from your junk mail list. This means that those emails are permanently gone from the system.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused - the bug has been fixed and this will not happen again.[/quote]
Not happy.

Hmmm, well, I only have 10 listed so it’s not a huge deal…and the ones that were valid emails weren’t important. BUT if they have been deleted from the system, why are they still showing up in the Junk Mail folder? Stored in a MySQL table?
Put a ‘dot’ in it!

Haven’t a clue…although I share your curiosity.

Wow. You might want to do as I have and set things up so that all mail going to the JF it forwarded to o a second non-JFed mailbox as backup.

I wonder, though, if that would have helped in this instance – it sounds as though the mail was deleted before fully registering, in which case forwarding all JF mail to another mailbox wouldn’t do any good.

It is rather perturbing, in any case, that DH didn’t have a better recovery plan in place for this situation. In the however-many-years-its-been that I’ve hosted with them, this is the first time I’ve really, truly been an Unhappy Customer.

agreed. the lack of backup (and taking such a beta-quality system out of beta) was a very poor decision here. frustrating to stare at that list of “spam”, many of which i know are good and/or whitelisted, including what appear to be customer orders and work-related stuff.

this, paired with problems from last week and earlier this week which caused messages to hang up in spam filter for up to a week make me not happy at all.

thinkum posted this from DH Support: “Unfortunately, due to a bug in the junk mail processing software, some emails weren’t correctly copied to your inbox, but were at the same time deleted from your junk mail list. This means that those emails are permanently gone from the system.”

One of the reasons that I like DreamHost is because of the ~/.snapshot directory, which contains backups of your data. For example, here are the directories in mine:

~/.snapshot> ls
hourly.0 hourly.1 nightly.0 nightly.1 weekly.0 weekly.1

I recommend that you look in these directories and see if you can find your lost messages.

If, in fact, those messages have been lost, I recommend that you switch your MX (Mail eXchange) records pronto to a better mail service provider.

Hope this helps you recover your lost messages!

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Thanks for the .snapshot tip – I’ll give that a shot. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m curious, now – how do you get all your JF mail to forward to another mailbox?

Nope, no joy there. (I can get to the files in the .snapshot directories, but they don’t include the messages that JF ate.)

Somewhat mollified to see that DH has now put out an Announcement message on this issue, and there is some hint that they might be hunting around in the dead letter office:

In the meantime, junk mail appears to be getting backed up in the queues again, as my spam directory has had no new messages added so far today (yeah, like THAT would happen ). Seriously considering alternatives to DH’s spam filtration, at this point…

Re: “Seriously considering alternatives to DH’s spam filtration, at this point…”

I long ago decided that I needed to use two providers, one for mail hosting and one for web hosting, and that is the main inspiration for my IMAP IMAP Service Providers page, which I’ve been researching for a few years now. After all these years I have hundreds of IMAP providers listed and only 5 that I recommend. It is very hard to find a good mail service provider and AFAICT there is no web hosting provider that is also a great mail hosting provider.

Good luck with your mail!

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Does anyone know if this issue is still going on today (March 24th)? I just tried to move two junked messages to my inbox, and it gives that same error. I logged in again from a different browser and the messages are still listed in the spam box, so maybe they haven’t completely disappeared…?

(Ironically, these emails are from my previous host, from whom I just switched to DH…)

Are these messages that were received on March 22nd? If so, then I would expect to get continued error messages, since the content of those emails has not (to my knowledge) been recovered.

If these are messages that just came in on the 24th, then I’d report that to DH on a new support request, to let them know that the bug they thought they’d fixed, hasn’t been.

I am seeing messages that were sent a while ago that I never got. 99% of them are evil spam but two are good. However, I am still getting the above mentioned error message.

I think as they go through and fwd the emails, they will be sending dead email (name is there but nobody’s home).

I have had so little problems with DH that (almost) any mistake they do is okay by me since that it is one out of X amount of non-mistakes.

I also see it this way: if their system caught all that spam, so much so that it cracked the system, then it is a damn good program!! I am willing to be a guinea pig during this. Email is recoverable. Just have the persons who sent it to you send it again.

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Seeing a message header when its content has been lost is one thing; that lets me notify the sender of the problem. But when the JF gets backed up, I don’t have any way of even knowing that I’m missing a critical message.

And while I would normally agree with you about not getting too worked up over the situation, I’m currently in the midst of planning a wedding, meaning that I’m receiving a fair number of messages from vendors and guests with unfamiliar email addresses – not being able to promptly and reliably receive their messages is crippling.

(Having said all that, I don’t have any interest in needlessly badmouthing DH or their services; I’ve been a customer for almost five years, have been extremely satisfied for the vast majority of that time, and continue to recommend them. This has just not been a good month for them, customer-relations-wise, and the timing is particularly bad.)