Spam emails to

Yesterday I received two spam emails (from the same email address) with my website url as the subject. What was especially odd about these is that they were sent to the email addresses below but were received in my primary Gmail inbox. My email address is managed by Gmail but this email address clearly is connected to DreamHost somehow. How do messages to these email addresses get forwarded to mine?


Those appear to be the email addresses generated by the domain privacy service. check the WHOIS for your domain, and you will probably find those addresses.

It sounds like you have WHOIS privacy turned on for your domain registration. When your WHOIS info is private, you get assigned a proxy email addresses so your personal information isn’t out there for the public to see when someone performs a public WHOIS lookup. The emails that get sent to those proxy addresses forward to the personal email address you provided in your WHOIS info.

Thanks for the info. This was the first time I had gotten these emails in the 5+ years I’ve had the account so it threw me! I wanted to be sure I didn’t need to change anything. Sounds like the privacy was a good idea - I’m definitely glad the writers of this email don’t have more information!

I was going to check my WHOIS but couldn’t remember how to get there. I finally found it and yes, it’s set to private.

Don’t worry, you will get a lot more spam when you will be more active online :slight_smile: